Saipwell helps the green energy photovoltaic industry

Customer Demand:
With the gradual popularization of environmental protection concepts and the promotion of energy structure adjustment, photovoltaic power generation, as a representative of clean and renewable energy, has received extensive attention and support from the government and society. As a key component of photovoltaic power plants, intelligent photovoltaic combiner boxes have also witnessed an increase in market demand.

In large-scale photovoltaic power generation systems, in order to reduce the connections between photovoltaic modules and inverters, facilitate maintenance, and improve reliability, it is usually necessary to add DC combiner box between the photovoltaic modules and inverters. According to the customer’s requirements, we can provide the following combiner box solutions.

Multi-port combiner box solution:

We PV combiner box provide a design with multiple DC input ports and one AC output port to meet diverse customer needs. We can customize the number and type of input ports according to the specific requirements of the customer, ensuring stability and high efficiency of the output port.

High-efficiency solution:

Our combiner box maximizes power conversion and distribution to ensure the stable operation of the system. We employ advanced circuit design and energy conversion technology to provide higher energy utilization and lower energy loss.

  1. Multi-level protection solution:
    Our combiner box features multiple levels of protection mechanisms, including overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, etc. It effectively prevents circuit failures and accidents, ensuring the safety of the system and equipment.
  1. Intelligent monitoring solution:
    Our combiner box is equipped with intelligent monitoring capabilities, allowing real-time monitoring of parameters such as battery capacity and temperature for each battery pack. It also enables remote control and management of the system. Customers can monitor and control the status of the combiner box anytime, anywhere through devices such as smartphones and computers, improving management efficiency and operational reliability.
  1. Excellent heat dissipation solution:
    Our combiner box has excellent heat dissipation capabilities with optimized heat dissipation design and efficient heat dissipation materials, ensuring stability under high load conditions.
  1. Reliable connection solution:
    We can provide different types of interfaces, such as DC input ports, AC output ports, communication interfaces, etc., according to customer requirements, ensuring reliable and stable connections.
  1. Lightweight and portable solution:
    We offer lightweight housing materials and user-friendly portable designs, making it convenient for customers to use and carry.
  1. Scalability solution:
    The combiner box can be modularly expanded according to customer needs. Modules can be added or replaced as required, accommodating system expansion and upgrade requirements.
  1. Compliance with international standards and certifications:
    Our combiner box complies with international standards and relevant certifications such as CE, UL, etc., ensuring product quality and safety.
  1. After-sales service and technical support solution:
    We provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, including installation guidance, troubleshooting, remote maintenance, etc., ensuring customer satisfaction and the stable operation of the system.

In summary, with the continuous development of renewable energy, the use of combiner boxes has grown exponentially. Through Saipwell’s customized combiner box solutions, real-time monitoring of various branch currents, voltages, switch states, etc., can be achieved, facilitating remote data collection and providing accurate foundational data for users.


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