EV Charging Station Industry

Customer Demand

With the rapid development of new energy electric vehicles around the world in recent years, the EV charging station industry has shown great market demand and potential. With the extensive development of the EV charging station industry, the quality problem of the EV charging station and defective design problem has come to light in application.


According to the actual use environment and needs of customers, as a professional electrical box producer and designer, Saipwell has provided customized charging station solutions for customers, so the floor type charging station came into being.

The floor type charging station is composed of supporting pole and electric box. The supporting pole can also be canceled according to customer needs and used separately by electric box.

The support pole is made of cold-rolled steel material, or stainless steel material can be customized according to customer needs, with different heights and structures for easy installation. The surface treatment adopts powder coating process, which is beautiful and has good rust prevention performance.


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