Sapwell Industrial Socket Box Solutions Can Meet Your Various Needs

Market Demand

Industrial plugs and sockets are widely used as safe electrical connection devices, primarily in industrial, commercial, and civil sectors. With the economy’s growth, there is an increasing demand for industrial plugs and sockets.

From a market perspective, industrial plugs and sockets show significant potential for development. Firstly, they offer fast and convenient use, ensuring high safety levels that enhance operational efficiency and effectively safeguard both electrical equipment and personnel. Secondly, the extended service life of industrial plugs and sockets results in long-term usage, reducing replacement and maintenance costs. Furthermore, their strong versatility allows them to be applied to various types of electrical equipment connections. Presently, with the global economy’s continued growth, the electrification levels across diverse industries are on the rise, leading to an increased demand for industrial plugs and sockets. Consequently, various solutions for industrial socket boxes have emerged to address this growing demand.


Saipwell, a professional provider of electrical boxes, offers a variety of customized solutions to meet the specific needs of customers and the on-site usage conditions. We provide customers with a wide range of options, including different materials and styles of complete socket boxes.

In terms of materials, we independently manufacture plastic socket boxes and metal socket boxes to fulfill various material requirements.

We have developed a range of multi-functional socket boxes, including wall-mounted socket boxes, portable socket boxes, portable power control boxes, and combined socket boxes, to meet various needs.

Classified by industrial plugs and sockets

We use the latest third-generation materials, offering a choice between IP44 and IP67 protection levels. IP44 industrial plugs and sockets are suitable for indoor use. In special environments, it is recommended to use IP67 industrial plugs and sockets. For outdoor applications, IP67 industrial plugs and sockets are required to provide adequate protection.


Through Saipwell’s customized socket box solutions, we can meet various requirements and environmental conditions, ensuring convenience, safety, and long service life for both indoor and outdoor applications.


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