Frequency conversion industry

Customer demand: The frequency converter industry is a booming industry. The global market scale is constantly expanding, the domestic market is growing rapidly, and the application fields are also expanding. The frequency converter industry has broad market prospects and application fields, and is also facing fierce market competition.

Solution: According to the actual use environment and needs of customers, Saipwell, as a professional provider of complete sets of electrical cabinets, provides customers with customized solutions for VFD start-up and process control, multi-brand and diversified VFD electrical cabinets, Which are increasingly becoming the choice of many commercial and industrial grades.

The core of the VFD control cabinet is the frequency converter, which is composed of an external protective enclosure, an internal main and control circuit, and other control components. Program implantation, coding settings, and control components.those can also be added or reduced according to customer needs, Realize the startup mode, process control, background monitoring, and other common application requirements in specific fields.

The outer box is usually made of cold-rolled steel, and stainless steel can also be customized according to customer needs, with different heights and structures for easy installation. The appearance adopts plastic spraying process, which is beautiful and has good anti-rust performance.

The main control circuit part is based on the conventional electrical metal distribution box, connected to the VFD, adding the vital parts required for the start-stop-protection unit, such as circuit breakers, relays, overload protectors, phase sequence protectors and other components, adding wires at the bottom Cable entry and exit holes, locks are upgraded to key or password locks, etc., which are convenient for internal safety management of power consumption, safe and anti-theft, anti-misoperation, waterproof, dust-proof and even explosion-proof, and can be used in indoor and outdoor, commercial and industrial use scenarios.

Summary: Through Saipwell’s customized VFD cabinet solution, the use environment of industrial and commercial frequency conversion and frequency modulation is perfectly realized, and the stability, efficiency and durability of VFD control are guaranteed.


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