Saipwell’s Customized Power Box Solution: Revolutionizing Labor Efficiency in the Breeding Industry

Customer demand: Seafood farming still relies on old feeding methods, with manual feeding of feed on time and at fixed place. This results in high labor costs, low efficiency, and low feed utilization, making it difficult to grasp the growth status of seafood. Water quality monitoring still relies on manual sampling, which is inefficient and cannot be monitored in real-time, adding potential risks to seafood farming.

Solution: Based on the actual usage needs of customers, Saipwell provides customized electrical control boxes and matched power cables proposal. It can remotely control the automatic feeder through the Internet of Things, flexibly control the time, location, feeding times, and feeding amount of seafood, and maximize feed utilization. On the one hand, it greatly reduces labor costs and reduces the comprehensive use cost of feed,Meanwhile improving the growth efficiency of seafood. On the other hand, remotely monitor the usage data of all devices only via a computer or mobile phone, thereby comprehensively understanding the situation of the entire breeding area, greatly reducing the workload of farmers.

At the same time, the product can also be used as a central control box for biosensor stations to monitor real-time oxygen, pH, temperature and other data in the aquaculture pond, providing accurate data for the aquaculture system, thereby making targeted adjustments to the aquaculture pond and efficiently completing aquaculture related data monitoring.

Summary: With Saipwell’s customized proposal,to meet the perfect combination of customized electrical waterproof control boxes and IoT technology,the production efficiency and productivity of the traditional aquaculture industry have been greatly improved.


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