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DC PV Power System Grid Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures

●Material:Stainless steel
●Protection grades:IP55
●Installation mode:landing, Wall mounting
●Support special requirements and function customization


This product is mainly used in photovoltaic distributed grid-connected power generation system, which

is connected in series between grid-connected inverter and grid. The product has a series of

protections such as grid low voltage, grid overvoltage, input lightning protection, system overcurrent,

grid isolation, etc. Accurate electric energy metering, transmission and intelligent operation control are

essential parts of household grid-connected power generation system. The product has passed CCC

certification, CE certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, etc.


Reserve the installation position of metering meter and collector;

Visual window and lead seal of metering meter (anti-electricity stealing);

The integrated design concept of the product, the power distribution part is completely isolated from the metering part, and the electromagnetic interference is reduced;

Special photovoltaic molded case reclosing circuit breaker, with more reliable performance;

It can be matched with on-line power quality monitoring and islanding protection device, fault

disconnection device, etc;

Optional outdoor and indoor installation, making installation more convenient;

Support special requirements and function customization.


Product modelSPC5-15KN3PSPC20-30KN3P
Matching inverter power5KW、10KW、15KW5KW、10KW、15KW
Number of inverter input channels1-channel /2-channel
Grid-connected output channels1-channel
Grid connection requirementhree-phase grid-connected
Grid voltage380Vac
Switching capacity32A63A
Protective function
Short circuit protectionYes
Lightning protectionYes (nominal current: In: 20KA, Imax:  40KA, Up≤4KV)
Isolation protection (visual breakpoint)Yes (breaker/hand-pulled disconnector)
Overvoltage and undervoltage protectionYes
Grid-connected switch
Self resetting overvoltage and undervoltage protector1. When the power grid is cut off or the bias voltage is greater than 20%, it will automatically disconnect (internal disconnection);
2. When the power grid returns to normal, it will automatically close (internal connection);
Special photovoltaic reclosing circuit breaker1. When the power grid is cut off or the bias voltage is greater than 20%, it will automatic break-brake (operation handle action);
2. When the power grid returns to normal, it will automatically switch on (operating the handle);
3. Manual operation and automatic operation can be switched;
Changshu molded case reclosing1. When the power grid is cut off or the bias voltage is greater than 20%, it will automatically trip (the delay tripping time is adjustable from 0 to 0~10S);
2. When the power grid returns to normal, automatic switching;
3. Manual operation and automatic operation can be switched;
Environmental applicability
Temperature and humidityOperating temperature: -25 to +60℃
Storage temperature: -40 to +70℃Humidity: 0-90% without condensation.
Places without corrosive gas (if any, please specify)
Use altitude≤3000M
Salt spray resistanceSalt spray test is standard for 336 hours.
Conventional parameters
MaterialStainless steel, cold-rolled sheet spray molding, stainless steel spray molding.
the protection gradesIP55 Outdoor IP55
Box typeDouble doors with meter positions (distribution warehouse and metering warehouse)
Installation modeWall mounting type
Box size (length * width * height)770mm*550mm*150mm
Reference weight18 kg
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