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Saipwell is a professional company dedicated to producing high-quality waterproof electrical enclosures. Our products include plastic, stainless steel, metal plate, and aluminum enclosures, ensuring the highest waterproof performance, compliant with the following NEMA standards and IP ratings:

NEMA 3S: Suitable for outdoor environments, effectively preventing rain and wind-blown rain.
NEMA 4X: Suitable for outdoor environments, effectively preventing rain and wind-blown rain.
NEMA 6P: Excellent waterproof performance, usable underwater for extended periods, suitable for scenarios requiring stringent waterproofing.
Our products not only meet NEMA standards but also achieve corresponding IP ratings, including IP33, IP54, IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP68, ensuring reliable and stable performance in various application scenarios. They are verified by renowned certification bodies, ensuring reliability and compliance with international standards: UL, CE, TUV, SAA, and RoHS2.

Saipwell’s products are committed to providing exceptional protective performance, ensuring reliable operation in different environments.

Custom Saipwell Electrical Enclosures

Saipwell offers a full range of custom electrical enclosure services, from concept design to manufacturing, ensuring each product meets the specific needs of customers. We have highly automated production lines and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure precision and efficiency.
We use various high-quality metals (including sheet metals) to manufacture custom NEMA metal enclosures, custom electrical enclosures, cabinets, shields, housings, and boxes:

Saipwell Standard Waterproof Boxes

Control Cabinet

Saipwell’s customization service can meet various heights, widths, depths, material types, rating requirements, and certification needs, ensuring consistent product quality.


Custom metal enclosures are designed with functionality in mind, ensuring users can easily access internal components while maintaining maximum safety. Multiple finish options, including powder coating and UV printing, ensure the enclosure meets aesthetic and brand requirements.


Saipwell, with over 15 years of industry experience, provides professional guidance and support to help customers with design choices, manufacturing techniques, and various customization options.

Custom Service Process

1. Requirement Analysis

Customised for different application scenarios

2. Design and Engineering

3. Manufacturing and Production

4. Testing and Verification

5. Delivery and After-Sales Service

Water-proof Test

If you need to protect sensitive equipment and gear from harsh environments, dust, and moisture, Saipwell is your preferred manufacturer of metal cabinets, protective boxes, and NEMA enclosures. We also offer a range of standard waterproof boxes for quick solutions.

Application of Metal Waterproof Box

Metal enclosures have a wide range of uses, covering multiple industries and application scenarios. Some main uses include:

Electrical and Electronic Equipment Protection:

Protect electrical equipment, electronic components, wiring, and control systems from environmental impacts like dust, water, corrosion, and mechanical damage. Provide EMI and RFI shielding, ensuring stable equipment operation.

Industrial Automation

Used in control cabinets, distribution boxes, and operation panels in industrial automation systems, protecting critical components and ensuring smooth production line operation.

Communication and Network Equipment

Protect communication equipment, servers, routers, and switches, ensuring data transmission stability and security.

Outdoor Applications

Used for outdoor electrical and electronic equipment such as traffic signal control boxes, surveillance camera distribution boxes, and electric vehicle charging station enclosures, providing weather resistance and waterproof performance.


Used in fields such as railways, aviation, and maritime to protect navigation equipment, communication equipment, and control systems.

Energy Industry

Protect inverters, battery systems, and distribution equipment in the solar, wind, and traditional energy industries, ensuring safe and efficient energy conversion and transmission

Medical Equipment

Protect medical devices and instruments such as diagnostic equipment, monitors, and laboratory equipment, ensuring their reliability and accuracy in harsh environments.

Building and Infrastructure

Used in electrical distribution boxes, control cabinets, and power management systems in construction and infrastructure projects, ensuring the safety and efficiency of building systems.

Security Systems

Protect security equipment and systems such as alarm systems, access control boxes, and surveillance systems, providing protection and concealment.

Custom Applications

Custom-designed for unique application scenarios in specific industries or projects, such as laboratory equipment housings, robot control cabinets, and special equipment protection boxes.

In conclusion, with their excellent protective performance and versatility, metal enclosures are widely used in various fields, providing reliable protection and support for all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment.

Corner crimping machine

Advantages of Saipwell Metal Electrical Enclosures

Complete Specifications

Standard Sheet Metal

International Certification

Refined Details

Saipwell’s metal enclosures not only have advantages in specifications, materials, and certifications but also reflect high quality and high performance in detail handling and overall design, meeting customers’ various needs for electrical enclosures.

Saipwell’s Production Capabilities

Saipwell’s production capabilities are reflected in its highly automated production lines, advanced manufacturing processes, and strict quality control systems.

We have advanced Yawei fully automated production lines, ensuring a high degree of automation and efficiency in the production process. Automated production lines achieve precise processing and assembly, increasing production efficiency and reducing human errors.


We use advanced process technologies, including laser cutting, CNC punching, bending, welding, and surface treatment, ensuring product precision and quality. Multiple surface treatment processes, such as powder coating and UV printing, meet different customer aesthetic and branding requirements.

We have multiple automated production lines capable of efficiently producing metal waterproof boxes to the highest standards in the market, ensuring excellent quality, speed, and efficiency while minimizing waste.


Saipwell’s highly automated production lines and efficient production processes allow it to handle large-volume orders, meeting customers’ large-scale needs. Our flexible production system can quickly respond to customer demands for small-batch, multi-variety production.

Every production stage is strictly controlled according to the ISO quality management system, ensuring product quality stability and consistency. Products undergo multiple tests, including waterproof testing, EMI and RFI shielding testing, and fire resistance testing, ensuring performance meets expected requirements.

Saipwell Yawei automated production line
waterproof box

Uses of Metal Enclosures

Metal enclosures play a critical role in protecting vital electrical components, connections, and systems from environmental factors. They offer the following protections:

By providing comprehensive environmental protection, metal enclosures can significantly extend the lifespan and improve the efficiency of electrical equipment. This includes preventing internal components from becoming damp, rusted, or corroded, ensuring long-term stability and reliability.


Metal enclosures help prevent electric shock to users and, through proper insulation and protective measures, prevent overheating caused by exposed wiring or circuits. This protects both the equipment and personnel.


Given the volatility of electricity and potential disasters from improper handling or storage, metal enclosures also ensure compliance with relevant safety regulations and standards. This is crucial for the longevity and performance of electrical equipment and maintaining workplace safety.



In summary, metal enclosures play an essential role in protecting electrical equipment from external environmental influences, extending equipment lifespan, improving operational efficiency and safety, and ensuring the safety of equipment and operators. They are indispensable in the design of industrial, commercial, and residential electrical systems.

Why choose Saipwell?

Saipwell offers fast and efficient production capabilities, strict quality standards, flexible customization solutions, high-quality materials, cost optimization, and professional customer service. With advanced equipment and extensive industry experience, we ensure each product meets the highest standards, satisfying customers’ various needs.

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