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XGN66-12 Switch Cabinet Intelligent Control Power Distribution System GCS/GCK/MNS

XGN66-12 fixed closed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is our company’s new generation of high-voltage electrical complete sets of products, in line with national standards.The requirements of GB3906 “-35KV AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear” DLT404 “Technical Conditions for Ordering Indoor AC High Voltage Switchgear” of the Ministry of Electric Power are also full.Meet the international standard IEC60298 “Requirements for AC metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment above 1KV and below 52KV.

roduct Overview

This product has absorbed foreign advanced technology, it is small in size, which is only 50% of the protection of ordinary switch cabinet; the circuit breaker has high reliability and good performance,”Five The “anti-” interlocking mechanism is reliable and simple. The switch cabinet is an indoor complete set of 3.6, 7.2, 12KV three-phase alternating current 50HZ single busbar segmentation, as To receive and distribute electrical energy. It also has the functions of controlling, protecting and monitoring circuits, and can be used in various types of power plants, substations, and industrial and mining enterprises.High-rise buildings and other places can also be combined with the ring network to be used in opening and closing stations.

Model meaning

● Install a vacuum circuit breaker
● Rated voltage (KV)
● Design Number
● indoor
● Withdrawable
● Armoured

Normal use environmental conditions

1. Ambient temperature: -25°C~+40°C, the average temperature within 24 hours does not exceed +35°C.
2. The altitude does not exceed 1000m.
3. The horizontal inclination is not more than 3°C.
4. The seismic intensity does not exceed 8°C
5. There is no violent vibration, shock and explosion hazard place.

Structural features

1. The cabinet body is welded with high-quality angle steel.
2. The circuit breaker room is located in the middle (lower) part of the cabinet, which is convenient for installation, debugging and maintenance. It is equipped with ZN63A (VS1-12) circuit breaker as standard, and has a pressure release channel to ensure personal safety.
3. Using advanced and reliable rotary isolating switch, it can safely enter the circuit breaker room for maintenance when the main bus is live.
4. The protection level of the whole cabinet is IP4X.
5. Equipped with a reliable and fully functional compulsory mechanical locking device, which can easily and effectively meet the requirements of “five preventions”.
6. Have a reliable grounding system.
7. The door is equipped with an observation window, which can clearly observe the working status of the components in the cabinet.
8. The operating mechanism is locked using the same JSXGN locking mechanism used in the XGN12-12 cabinet, which is simple, reliable, convenient and practical.
9. The incoming and outgoing cables are lower than the front of the cabinet bottom, which is convenient for users to connect.

The main technical parameters

Serial numberproject unittechnical parameter
1Rated voltageKV3.6,7.2,12
1Rated power frequency withstand voltageKVTo the ground, alternately: 42: Fracture: 48
3Rated lightning impulse withstand voltageKVTo the ground, alternately: 75: Fracture: 85
4Rated frequencyHZ50
5Rated currentA630,1250
6Rated short-circuit breaking current (effective value)KA20,25,31.5
7Rated short-circuit making current (peak value)KA50,63,80
8Rated dynamic steady flow (peak value)KA50,63,80
9Rated thermal stability current 4S(effective valueKA20,25,31.5
10Protection level  IP4X
11Dimensions (width x depth x height)mm900*1000*2300
Serial numberprojectunittechnical parameter
1Rated voltageKV12
1Rated currentA630 1250
3Rated short-circuit breaking currentKA20,25,31.5
4Rated short-circuit making currentKA50,63,80
5Rated short-time withstand current (4s effective value)KA20,25,31.5
6Rated peak withstand current (peak)KA50,63,80
7Mechanical lifeorder10000
8Rated short-circuit breaking current breaking timesorder50
9Rated operating sequence 0.3s-180s
10Contact opening distancemm11±1
11Contact strokemm4±0.5
12Center distance between phasesmm210
13Opening speedm/s41.2±0.2
14Closing speedm/s0.6±0.2
15Opening timems≤60
16Closing timems≤75
17Three-phase opening synchronizationms≤2
18Closing bouncems≤2
19Loop resistanceμQ≤45
20Contact accumulative allowable wear thicknessmm3

The technical parameters of other electrical components can be found in their respective operating instructions.
If the rated current of the switchgear is greater than 1600A, the solution must be negotiated with our company.

1. Cabinet door

2. Lighting

3. Observation window

4. Operating mechanism

5. Small door panel

6.Instrument door

7. Brow

8. Busbar through wall bushing

9. Bolt

10. Washer

11. Washer

12. The mother

13. Isolating switch

14.Tie rod

15. Rear sealing plate

16. Current transformer

17. Vacuum circuit breaker

18. Isolating switch

19. Sensor

20. Bolt

21. Washer

22. Washer


24. Lightning arrester


1. Refer to the figure below for the installation foundation. The foundation channel steel protrudes 1-3mm from the ground, and the unevenness per meter should not exceed 1.5mm, and the total length should not exceed 5mm.
2. Place the switch cabinet on the foundation in order and adjust the installation position. Then fix it with M12 bolts or spot welding, and tighten the cabinet with M8 bolts.
3. After disassembling the cover, install the main bus bar and the primary cable, and the contact surface of the terminal should be cleaned and coated with neutral petroleum jelly. After installation, please plug the cable hole once.
4. Connect the indirect ground bus of the cabinet to make it one body along the arrangement direction of the switch cabinet. Check whether there is any omission of the working and protective grounding, whether the grounding loop is continuously connected, and
the working grounding resistance should be Not more than 1000μ Q, the protection connection resistance should not be less than 42.
5. Install the secondary cable from the bottom of the front of the cabinet, enter the low-voltage room along the side wall, and tap it on the terminal block; or lead into the low-voltage room from the secondary small bus on the top of the cabinet, and block the cable hole after installation.
6. Clean up the dust and debris in the cabinet.

Put into operation

1. The following inspections and adjustments should be carried out before putting into operation:
A. According to the ordering requirements, check whether the models and specifications of the electrical components installed in the cabinet
are consistent; check whether the fasteners are loose; check whether the first and second wiring are correct; operate the isolation
switch,The grounding switch, circuit breaker, and mechanical interlocking should be flexibly free from jamming for 3 to 5 times, and the
interlocking should meet the requirements of “five preventions”, and then lubricate the moving parts of the machine.
B. Check the insulation level and loop resistance of the switchgear and the mechanical characteristics of the circuit breaker according to
Article 3 of this manual and the factory test report. The test results should be consistent or similar to the factory test report.

Random documents and attachments

1. Product qualification certificate and packing list;
2. Installation instructions and secondary wiring diagrams of switch cabinets and main non-components;
3. Energy storage and operating handle;
4. For other spare parts users, please consult with our company.

Order notice

1. A wiring plan diagram and a wiring plan arrangement diagram;
2. Secondary circuit schematic diagram, wiring diagram, terminal arrangement diagram;
3. List of primary and secondary equipment;
4. The layout of the switch cabinet and the installation position of the busbar tray;
5. Please consult with our company for special conditions of use of spare parts and equipment.

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