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SF6 Electrical Air Insulated Power Distribution Cabinet Switchgear

Product description XGN15-12 box-type fixed metal-enclosed high-voltage switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the ring main unit) is based on sulfur hexafluoride load switch and load switch-fuse combination electrical appliances as the main switch surface. The whole frame adopts air insulation and is suitable for power distribution. Automated, compact and expandable complete power distribution device. It […]

Product description

XGN15-12 box-type fixed metal-enclosed high-voltage switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the ring main unit) is based on sulfur hexafluoride load switch and load switch-fuse combination electrical appliances as the main switch surface. The whole frame adopts air insulation and is suitable for power distribution. Automated, compact and expandable complete power distribution device. It can be widely used in the construction and transformation of urban and municipal power grids. It is suitable for the power distribution systems of industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, residential communities, hospitals, schools, parks, etc., as the use of receiving and distributing electrical energy, and is mainly used for ring network power supply and Terminal power supply is also suitable for installation in convenient substations. Products comply with GB3804, GB3906, GB16926, GB/T11022, IEC420 and other standards.

Normal use environmental conditions

1. Ambient temperature:
Maximum temperature: +40°C;
Minimum temperature:-15C;
Daily average: ≤35°C;
2. Ambient humidity:
Daily average relative humidity: ≤95%;
Monthly average relative humidity: ≤90%;
Daily average vapor pressure: ≤2.2x 10 Mpa
Monthly average vapor pressure: ≤1.8x 10-Mpa
3. Altitude: not more than 1000m;
4. The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;
5. There is no dripping water, no flammable and explosive danger, no chemical corrosive gas and no violent vibration
in the use place.

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The main technical parameters

Seria numbernameunitparameter
Load switch cabinetCombined electrical appliances (load switch fuse)
1Rated voltageKV1212
2Rated current of main busA630630
3Rated currentA630125
4Rated frequencyHZ5050
5Rated short-time withstand currentKV20 
6Rated short-circuit durationS3 
7Rated peak withstand currentKA50 
8Rated short-circuit breaking currentKA 31.5
9Rated short-circuit making currentKA5080
10Rated active load breaking currentA630 
11Rated closed loop breaking currentA630 
12Rated cable charging breaking currentA10 
13Grounding switch rated short-time withstand currentKA20 
14Grounding switch rated short-circuit durationKA3 
15Grounding switch rated peak withstand currentS50 
16Rated transfer currentKA 1700
17Rated insulation level1min power frequency withstand voltageATo ground and between phases 42Fracture 48
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltageKVTo ground and between phases 15Fracture 85
18Main circuit resistance KV≤300≤300
19Mechanical life(load switch) μQ20002000
20Mechanical life 1 life(grounding switch) order20002000
21Auxiliary circuit 1min power frequency withstand voltage order22
22Protection level KVIP4XIP4X

Structural features

The ring network cabinet adopts a metal-enclosed box structure. The main switch and the cabinet are fixedly installed. The entire ring
network cabinet can be divided into two parts. The upper part of the cabinet includes the busbar room, switch room, low voltage room, and
the lower cable room (outgoing cabinet) (Including fuse) to avoid mutual influence. Therefore, it not only improves safety, but also facilitates
installation and maintenance, and can be replaced as a whole when necessary. Upper part: unit. The overall dimensions (width x depth x
height) are 375 X 960 X 1600mm and 500 X 960x 1600mm, etc. (figure 1)
1. Cable room
The ring network cabinet has ample cable compartment, which is mainly used for cable connection, so that single-core or three-core cables
can be easily connected. At the same time, the ample space can also accommodate fuses, lightning arresters, current transformers, lower
grounding switches and other components , The cabinet door has an observation window and a safety interlock device. The cable cover
can be equipped with a sealing cover and a cable clamp of appropriate size with a support frame. The cable cover can be removed to
facilitate cable installation.
2. Switch room
A three-station load switch can be installed in the switch room. The shell of the load switch is made of epoxy resin and filled with sulfur
hexafluoride (SF6) gas. There is an observation hole on the shell, and an SF6 gas density meter or a gas density relay with alarm contacts
can be installed according to customer requirements.
3. Busbar room
The busbar room is arranged on the upper part of the cabinet, and the three-phase main busbar is arranged horizontally and runs through
the entire row of switch cabinets.
4. Low pressure room
The low-voltage room with interlock also functions as a control panel. The low-voltage room is equipped with a spring operating mechanism
with a position indicator and a mechanical interlocking device. Auxiliary contacts, trip coils, emergency trip mechanisms, and capacitors can
also be installed. Charged display, key lock and electric operating device. At the same time, the low-voltage room can also be equipped
with control circuits, measuring instruments and protective relays.

Operation and interlock

1. Operation
(1) Manual operation:
Use a dedicated operating handle to operate on the front of the ring main unit. There are two upper and lower operation holes on the ring
main unit operation panel. The upper part is the grounding switch operation hole, and the lower is the load switch operation hole. When
operating, the rotation direction of the handle should be the same as that of the panel. The diagrams above are consistent. In the combined
electrical scheme, the switch equipped with the mechanism has the load switch opening and tripping function. When the load switch is
closed, its opening spring is already in a stored energy state, and it will trip when the opening button is pressed or the fuse is blown. The
tripping mechanism opens the load switch.
(2) Electric operation:
When the ring main unit is equipped with an electric operating mechanism, there are two buttons for opening and closing on the operation
panel of the cabinet. After turning on the operating power, just press the closing button to close the load switch and put it into operation;
press the opening button to open the load switch. When the ring network cabinet cannot be supplied normally due to the operating power
supply, the switch action can be completed by manual operation. The operation method is as described above. It is strictly forbidden to
insert the operating handle into the operating hole during electric operation, otherwise electric operation will not be realized (related The
interlock exists). The earthing switch can only be operated manually, and there is no electric operation mode.
2. Interlock
(1) After the load switch is closed, the grounding switch cannot be closed, and the lower door cannot be opened;
(2) After the load switch is opened, the grounding switch can be closed. After the grounding switch is closed, the lower door can be opened;
(3) After the grounding switch is closed, the load switch cannot be closed;
(4) After the grounding switch is opened and the cabinet door is closed, the load switch can be closed;
(5) In the combined electrical cabinet, when any phase fuse is blown, its striker should make the load switch open reliably. At this time, the
load switch cannot be closed or protected in the closed position.

Basic schematic

Figure 2 Schematic diagram ofswitchcabinet installation foundation

Figure 3 Schematic diagramof installation dimensions

Figure 4 Reference diagram for thelayout of the cable inlet and outlet

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