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YBM、YBP 1250KVA Compact Box Type Prefabricated Combined Transformer Substation

Product description YBM, YBP (ZBW) series of prefabricated substations combine high-voltage electrical equipment, transformers, andlow-voltage electrical equipment into a compact complete set of power distribution devices, which are used in urbanhigh-rise buildings, urban and rural buildings, luxury villas, square parks, residential communities , High-techdevelopment zones, small and medium-sized factories, mines and oil fields, and temporary […]

Product description

YBM, YBP (ZBW) series of prefabricated substations combine high-voltage electrical equipment, transformers, and
low-voltage electrical equipment into a compact complete set of power distribution devices, which are used in urban
high-rise buildings, urban and rural buildings, luxury villas, square parks, residential communities , High-tech
development zones, small and medium-sized factories, mines and oil fields, and temporary construction electricity
use places, for the power distribution system to receive and distribute electricity.
YBM, YBP (ZBW) series of prefabricated substations have the characteristics of strong complete set, small size,
compact structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and mobility. Compared with conventional
earth-building substations, they are box-type substations with the same capacity. The substation area is usually only
1/10~1/5 of the conventional substation, which greatly reduces the design workload and construction volume, and
reduces the construction cost. In the power distribution system, it can be used in the ring network power distribution
system, and can also be used in the dual power supply or radiation terminal power distribution system. It is a new
complete set of equipment for the construction and transformation of urban and rural substations.
This product complies with the standard SD320 “Technical Conditions for Box-type Substations” of GB 17467-2010
“High-voltage/low-voltage prefabricated substations”.

Normal use environmental conditions

1. Altitude: 1000m and below;
2. Ambient temperature: -25°C~+40C, the average temperature within a 24h period does not exceed +35°C;
3. Wind speed: no more than 35m/s;
4. The relative humidity of the air: not more than 0.4m/S2, and the vertical acceleration is not more than 0.2m/S;
5. Earthquake horizontal acceleration: no more than 90% (+25°C);
6. At the place of use, there should be no conductive dust, corrosive, flammable, and explosive hazardous materials that are harmful to metals and insulation;
7. There is no severe vibration at the installation site, and the vertical slope is not more than 3 degrees.

Note: For special conditions of use, please negotiate with our company when ordering.

The main technical parameters

Serial numberprojectUnitHigh-voltage electrical appliancestransformerLow-voltage electrical appliances
1Rated voltage UeKV7.2/126/0.410/0.46/0.410/0.4
2Rated capacity SeKVA Item font: 200~1250Maximum 2*1250
Product font: 50~800
3Rated current LeA200~630 100~3000
4Rated breaking currentALoad  switch 400~630A 15~63
KACombination  of electrical appliances depends on the fuse
5Rated short-time withstand current (seconds)KA20*(2)200~400KVA15*1
6Rated peak withstand currentKA31.5 50200~400KVA30
7Rated making currentKA31.5 50  
8Power frequency withstand voltage 1minKVRelatively and alternately 30/42Oil immersion: 35/5min2KV when ≤300V
lsolation fracture 34/48Dry type:28/5min2.5KV at 300600V
9Lightning strikeKVRelatively and alternately 60/7575 
lsolation fracture 75/8575
10Noise leveldB Oil immersion:<55 
Dry type:<65
11Protection leve  IP54 
12DimensionsAccording to the plan and the selected high and low voltage switchgear and transformer, select different dimensions

Structural features

This product is composed of a high-voltage power distribution device, a transformer, and a low-voltage power distribution device. It is divided
into three functional compartments, namely a high-voltage room, a transformer room and a low-voltage room. The high- and low-voltage
rooms are fully functional. The high-voltage side-secondary power supply system can be arranged into multiple power supply modes such
as ring network power supply, terminal power supply, dual power supply, etc., and high-voltage metering components can also be installed
to meet the requirements of high-voltage metering. The transformer room can choose S9, S11, SCB10, SCB13 and other low-loss oil-invaded
transformers and dry-type transformers; the transformer room is equipped with an automatic forced air cooling system and a lighting system,
and the low-voltage room has a power distribution according to the power supply plan required by the user Various functions such as
electricity, lighting power distribution, reactive power compensation, electric energy metering, and electric quantity measurement meet the
different requirements of users, and facilitate the user’s power supply management and improve the quality of power supply.
The layout of the high and low voltage rooms is reasonable and compact, and the operation and maintenance are convenient. The high
voltage switchgear has the function of preventing misoperation and interlocking. According to user requirements, the transformer can be
easily accessed from the track.
The gate of the transformer room, and the transformer can be equipped with a labyrinth ventilation device from the track according to user
requirements. Each room is equipped with an automatic lighting device, and the selected components of high and low voltage switchgear
It is reliable, easy to operate, and convenient to maintain.
The top cover of the substation is a double-layer thermal insulation structure to reduce the effect of sunlight radiation. There are ventilation
holes under the surrounding eaves to form a convection effect with each functional room for ventilation and heat dissipation. The base is a
section steel knot
Structure, has sufficient strength and rigidity.
Natural ventilation and forced ventilation are adopted to ensure good ventilation and cooling performance. There is a temperature controller
in the transformer room, which can automatically control the temperature of the transformer to ensure the full load operation of the
According to different usage environments and usage conditions, different structural forms and materials can be selected to meet different
usage requirements and ensure the normal operation of the substation. The substation shell can be made of non-metallic building materials,
ordinary steel plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum alloy plates, color steel composite plates and other materials. After partial or full surface
treatment, it has the conditions for long-term outdoor use to ensure anti-corrosion, waterproof, and dust-proof performance , Long service
life, beautiful appearance. The basic form of its structure can be roughly divided into:
View-type box change with non-metallic building materials or other materials; general box change with ordinary steel plate; high anticorrosion box change with stainless steel or aluminum alloy plate; heat preservation type box change with color steel composite board; other
structural forms Box change;
Wire in and out mode-Generally, it is cable in and out. If there are special requirements, other wire in and out methods can be used

Plane layout and dimensions


Serial numberTransformer capacity (KVA)TLBHAC
YBM29100~250root according to Change Pressure Device30002000252033202320
YBP29100~250Determined according to low voltage outlet20002520Determined according to low voltage outlet2320
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