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SP Metal Power Project Electrical Supply Maintenance Socket Box

Power Maintenance Socket Box(stainless steel)
Various sizes for enclosure
Customised serive for components inside
Indoor or Outdoor use


SP series SMC power maintenance box is self-desjgn and manufactured by SAIPWELL which is in line with relative IEC standards. SMC iS basically composed of a filled, thermosetting resin and a chopped or continuous strand reinforcement of glass fiber which is first developped in Europe. In the late 1960s. America and Japan began to produce SMC material and the technology & production line was introduced to China in the late 1980s. 

SMC boxes are wildly used in oil, chemical industry, metallurgy,power plants, coal mines, mathinery, textile, ports, docks and other industries. 
The boxes are moulded in high temperature, shiny appearance, outerstanding performance of anti-dust, water retardand and anticorrosion. 

Superior electrical properties: high insulating property, pressure-resistant, flame retardancy.
The items could be used in touahest environment with clood features 0f corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature, moisture, condensation, heat jnsulation. 

This range of products are classfied as unfold box-type and floor type, protection class: IP65. 
They are designed with transparent windows which is convenient and safe for operation, No need to open the doors. 


● Rated insulation voltage: AC 400V(660V)
● Rated operation voltage: AC 230/400V, DC 660V
● Rated operational current: AC under 630A
● Rated frequency: 50Hz
● Protection class: IP44, Ip65
● Single-loop output current: 10A, 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A etc
● Single-loop output voltage: 20-25V, 40-50V, 100-130V, 200-250V, 380-480V, 500-660V
● Poles of output socket: 1P+N+PE, 3P+PE, 3P+N+PE
● Applicable environment: ternperature -30℃+40℃, indoor &outdoor

50A/3P Residual Current Circuit Breaker1PC32A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC32A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker3PCS50A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC
16A/5P Panel Mounted Socket IP443PCS63A/3P Residual Current Circuit Breaker1PC32A/5P Panel Mounted Socket IP673PCS32A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker3PCS
  32A/3P Panel Mounted Socket IP441PC  16A/5P Panel Mounted Socket IP673PCS
  32A/5P Panel Mounted Socket IP442PCS   
63A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC16A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker3PCS32A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC32A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker4PCS
100A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC63A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker3PCS32A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC16A/5P Panel Mounted Plug IP672PCS
16A/2P SCHUKO Socket IP444PCS16A/3P Panel Mounted Socket IP443PCS63A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS32A/5P Panel Mounted Socket IP673PCS
32A/5P Panel Mounted Socket IP443PCS63A/5P Panel Mounted Socket IP443PCS32A/3P Panel Mounted Socket IP671PC
32A/5P Panel Mounted Socket IP671PC
63A/5P Panel Mounted Socket IP441PC
63A/5P Panel Mounted Plug IP671PC
16A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC32A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC32A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker3PCS16A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker3PCS
16A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS32A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS32A/4P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS16A/4P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS
16A/3P CEE/IEC Socket1PC32A/3P CEE/IEC Socket1PC32A/5P CEE/IEC Socket1PC16A/5P CEE/IEC Socket1PC
16A/4P CEE/IEC Socket1PC32A/4P CEE/IEC Socket1PC    
16A/5P CEE/IEC Socket1PC32A/5P CEE/IEC Socket1PC    
M25 Cable Gland(input)1PCM32 Cable Gland(input)1PCM32 Cable Gland(input)1PCM25 Cable Gland(input)1PC
20A/4P Residual Current Circuit Breaker1PC16A/2P Residual Current Circuit Breaker3PCS32A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS32A/2P Residual Current Circuit Breaker3PCS
16A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS16A/3P CEE/IEC Socket3PCS32A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC32A/3P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS
16A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC  32A/3P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS  
16A/3P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS  32A/5P CEE/IEC Socket1PC  
16A/5P CEE/IEC Socket1PC      
M25 Cable Gland(input)1PCM25 Cable Gland(input)1PCM32 Cable Gland(input)1PCM32 Cable Gland(input)1PC
32A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS16A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker4PCS125A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC50A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC
32A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker4PCS32A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker4PCS125A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS50A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS
32A/3P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS16A/4P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS63A/3P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS16A/3P CEE/IEC Socket3PCS
32A/4P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS16A/5P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS63A/4P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS16A/4P CEE/IEC Socket3PCS
32A/5P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS32A/4P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS63A/5P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS16A/5P CEE/IEC Socket3PCS
  32A/5P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS    
M40 Cable Gland(input)1PCM40 Cable Gland(input)1PCM70 Cable Gland(input)1PCM50 Cable Gland(input)1PC
32A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker3PCS16A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS16A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker3PCS16A/2P Miniature Circuit Breaker1PC
32A/5P Miniature Circuit Breaker3PCS16A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS32A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker3PCS32A/2P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS
32A/1P CEE/IEC Socket3PCS32A/1P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS16A/5P CEE/IEC Socket3PCS16A/2P CEE/IEC Socket3PCS
32A/3P CEE/IEC Socket3PCS32A/3P Miniature Circuit Breaker2PCS32A/5P CEE/IEC Socket3PCS32A/2P CEE/IEC Socket3PCS
16A/3P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS
16A/5P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS
32A/3P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS
32A/5P CEE/IEC Socket2PCS
M40 Cable Gland(input)1PCM40 Cable Gland(input)1PCM40 Cable Gland(input)1PCM40 Cable Gland(input)1PC
Our products boast customizable materials and dimensions, ensuring a tailored experience. With a range of materials to choose from and the ability to adjust sizes to your liking, our offerings are designed to meet your unique needs and preferences.
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