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SP-XL 3 Phase 380VAC Floor Standing Power Distribution Cabinet

1 Product Overview SP-XL low-voltage power distribution cabinet is suitable for three-phase three-wire, threephase four-wire, three-phase five-wire system of 400V and below, and is used for power lighting distribution. It has the characteristics of flexible power distribution scheme,convenient combination, strong combination and novel structure. It can be widely used in power plants, rail transit, aerospace, […]

1 Product Overview

SP-XL low-voltage power distribution cabinet is suitable for three-phase three-wire, threephase four-wire, three-phase five-wire system of 400V and below, and is used for power lighting distribution. It has the characteristics of flexible power distribution scheme,convenient combination, strong combination and novel structure. It can be widely used in power plants, rail transit, aerospace, oil foundry, metallurgy, textile, real estate, steel and other industries.

2 Compliance with Standards

● GB/T72S1.12-2013 Low-voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies – Part 2: Power Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies
● IEC61439-1 Low-voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies – Part 1: General Rules
● GB 10233 Basic Testing Method for Low-voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies
● GB17625.1-2003 Electromagnetic Compatibility- Limits -Limits for Harmonic Current Emissions (Equipment Input Current Per Phase ≤ 16A)
● GB 16838-2005 Environmental Test Methods and Severities for Fire Electronic Products
● GB 4208 Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosure (IP Code)
● GB50171-2002 Code for Construction and Acceptance of Switchboard Outfit Complete Cubicle and Secondary Circuit Electric Equipment Installation Engineering

3 Technical Characteristics and Advantages

Best surface protection

3.1.1 German environment-friendly and high-voltage electrostatic spraying automatic equipment is adopted

3.1.2 The vitrified membrane is formed on the surface of the spraying workpiece, and the surface coating of the product is uniform and attractive in color;

3.1.3 The membrane thickness after one-time spraying is 60μm~80μm, and the precision error of coating thickness is ±20μm;

3.1.4 The spraying adhesion meets the national-level 0 standard, which can meet the 168h salt spray test;

High-quality cabinet design

3.2.1 The cabinet is designed based on the advanced standard and modular design concept, with a solid and refined structure;
3.2.2 The cabinet door uses the inclined edge, which is simple and generous; the special design of the switch cabinet door lock shows the high quality of the cabinet;
3.2.3 The design is professional, and the different wiring methods, installation and wiring space for customers have been considered;
3.2.4 It passes the extremely severe short circuit test, and the quality is reliable and guaranteed;

Reliable electrical connection scheme

3.3.1 Copper T2 is used for main copper bar and branch copper bar. The advanced copper bar surface treatment process ensures that there is no oxidation. The non-electrical contact surface is heat shrinkable and insulated;

3.3.2 The copper bar is processed by digital numerical control equipment with high processing accuracy, which effectively prevents the unreliable contact caused by the installation stress of the copper bar;

3.3.3 The advanced cold pressing terminal equipment ensures the reliable connection between the conductor and the components;

7+5 comprehensive test standards

Design verification according to IEC61439-1

Structure inspectionPerformance  inspection
1-Strength of materials and parts1-Dielectric property
2-Protection class of complete equipment2-Verification of temperature rise
3-Electrical clearance and creepage distance3-Short-circuit resistance strength
4-Integrity of protection against electric shock and
protection circuit
4 – Electromagnetic compatibility
5-Combination of switching devices and components5-Mechanical   operation
6 – Internal circuit and connection 
7- External terminal v

4 Environmental Conditions for Use

4.1 The place of use shall not exceed 4,500m above sea level. If the equipment is installed above 2,000m, the capacity of the equipment shall be reduced accordingly.

4.2 Indoors without dust, corrosive gas and rainwater.

4.3 Ambient air temperature: the upper limit and lower limit of ambient air temperature are +40°C and -25°C, respectively. The average temperature measured within 24h shall not exceed +35°C;

4.4 The place of use shall be no vibration and jolt, and the installation gradient shall not be more than 5°;

4.5 The problem can be resolved through consultation with the manufacturer in case that users have special requirements.

5 Technical Parameters

Technical  parametersSP-XL
Rated current (A)≤1250
Rated insulation voltage Ui (V AC)800
Rated operating voltage (V AC)400
Rated impulse withstand voltage (KV)8
Frequency (Hz)50
Rated short-time withstand current Icw (KA/1S)≤30
IP protection degree≤IP65
OperationIndoor, outdoor
Maximum altitude (m)2000
Average ambient temperature (°C)35
Pollution degree3
Box materialCold-roll steel sheet, stainless steel, and Al-Zn
CoatingElectrostatic spraying epoxy resin powder
ColorRAL7035 RAL7035 (industrial ash), customized
Insulation material inside the boxHigh temperature resistance and fire resistance
Cabinet structureAssembly type, welded type

6 Structural Characteristics

6.1 SP-XL low-voltage power distribution cabinet is assembled with C profile. The frame and special supporting parts are produced and supplied by our Company to ensure the accuracy and quality of the cabinet. Cabinet parts are designed based on the modular principle, with high generalization coefficient, which can be pre-produced。

6.2 Protection degree: the protection degree of the product can reach up to IP65, and the cabinet uses high-strength and high-toughness fork chain and door lock; the door panel sealing strip is made of PU environment-friendly foam materials.

6.3 Cabinet processing: the products are processed by the automatic assembly line of laser, numerical control, robot and other equipment, with high processing accuracy, no crack or fracture, and the angle and edge are round, which are neat and attractive.

6.4 Anticorrosion ability: the box surface is made of non-toxic TGIC-FREE thermosetting pure polyester powder of Akzo Nobel with excellent weather resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance and three-proofing properties.

6.5 The grounding of the instrument door installed with electrical components is connected to the frame with multiple annealed copper wires. The installation parts and the frame of the cabinet shall be connected by knurling washer, and the whole cabinet shall form a complete ground protection system.

6.6 Copper T2 busbar in the cabinet uses the tinning process, with stable contact resistance, significant moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and smoke-proof functions, to reduce the environmental pollution.

7 Outline and Installation Dimension

XL Low-voltage Enclosed Power CabinetOutline and Installation Dimension Drawing

HeightWidthDepthBxA installation dimension (C profile)


1. The cabinet dimension can be determined according to the drawing requirements provided by customers

2. The dimensions shown in the figure do not include the dimensions of the door and left and right guard boards

3. If the customer has no requirements, the door shall be provided with two or more round iron locks

8 Main Circuit Scheme

Symbol description:
” ” is the fuse switch: The model can be QSA series, HR5, HR6 (operated in box);
” ” is the isolating switch: The model can be QA, QP series;
” ” is the fuse switch: The model can be RTO, NT00, etc.
” ” is the circuit breaker: The model can be M1, DZ15, DZ20, DZ47, etc.;
” ” is the contactor: The model can be CJ20, B, CJX1, CJX2, N series, etc.;
” ” is the thermal relay: The model can be JR20, JRS1, JRS2, N series, etc.;
” ” is the current transformer: The model can be BH-0.66, LMZJ1-0.5, LMK1-0.66, etc.

The above product models can be specified by users separately.

9 Ordering Instruction

When ordering, please note:
9.1 Product model;
9.2 Main circuit system diagram, and layout plan;
9.3 Electrical schematic diagram of auxiliary circuit;
9.4 List of components in cabinet (specification of main bus);
9.5 Cabinet color (supplied according to RAL7035 (standard) in case of no requirements),
and cabinet dimension;
9.6 Other special requirements inconsistent with the normal use conditions of the product.

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