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AC220V 380V Exhibition Booth Power Distribution Enclosure

Power Maintenance Socket Box(metal)
Various sizes for enclosure
Customised serive for components inside
Indoor or Outdoor use


1.The bearing frame of box is made of cold-formed rectangular welded steel pipe,casing cover used with 10mm thick steel 304 material,the surface drawingprocessing,or use high-quality 10mm tread plate,high strength wear-resistantsurface coating paint which can withstand wheels and other mechanical press ;

2.The wiring of strong and weak electricity have separate junction boxes whicharearranged on both sides of frame-good anti一electromagnetic interference ;

3.The boxes for weak electricity can be installed and removed individually.There isno interference during detection between strong & weak electricty ;

4. The outlet is the 125A industrial socket ensuring high-power electricity forexhibition ;

5. Power control box lid and outlet cover are configured with different special locksto prevent unauthorized operation and use the electricity correctly ;

6. The lid of power control box and the output lid comes with mechanical self-locking struts for safe/convinient opening and closing ;

7. The outlet socket are lP67 industrial socket installed in the cabinet sidesupturnedly, easier plug-in / pull-out ;

8. Inside circuit breakers,RCD and surge protectors are installed in separatecabinets,which is a effective way to eliminate ground dust,moisture and watererosion and ensure the lP66 protection of the box.


● Rated voltage: AC380V/220V
● Rated insulation voltage: AC400V/660V 
● Rated frequency: 50Hz 
● Rated current and short-time withstand current: the main circuit 200A 4.5KA
● Protection class: IP66
● Bearing wheel pressure of cover: 50KN 
● Output circuit: 6-way, 8-way
● Rated current of output circuit: 380V/125A, 380V/63A,380V/32A,220V/32A,380V/16A,220V/16A
● Weak power socket (86 boxes): voice Group,data group optical, fiber group,CATV group, standby group
● Dimension: 790(L)x 600 (W)x 400 (D)

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