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Installation elements of panel electrical box

Release time:2023-12-11 17:13:43

The installation elements of panel electrical box include the following points:

  1. **Determine the installation location**: Choose a dry, well-ventilated location to install the panel distribution box, away from flammable and explosive items, and make sure there are no obstructions around it.

2. **Installation bracket**: According to the size and weight of the electrical box, select an appropriate bracket for fixation.

3. **Box fixing**: When burying the metal electrical box, fill the space between the box and the wall with concrete to fix the box. The box should be installed firmly, horizontally and vertically, and the vertical deviation should not be greater than 3mm; when installed concealed, there should be no gaps around the box, the edges around the panel should be close to the wall, and the parts in contact between the box and buildings and structures should be Apply anti-corrosion paint.

4. **Electrical component assembly**: First, be familiar with the drawings and technical requirements, check whether the component model, specifications, quantity, etc. are consistent with the drawings, check whether the components are damaged, and replace them in time if any problems are found.

5. **Line connection**: For the spiral fuse installed in the waterproof electrical box, the power wire should be connected to the terminal of the middle contact, and the load wire should be connected to the threaded terminal. The resistance value of the feeder line between lines and line-to-ground of the box line is greater than 0.5M ohm, and the resistance value of the secondary line is greater than 1M ohm; the operating current of the leakage protection device is not greater than 30mA, and the action time is not greater than 0.1S.

6. **Exposed electrical box**: If the exposed electrical box is designed in the living room and installed on the wall, it should be fixed with open-foot bolts (expansion bolts). The length of the bolts is generally the buried depth (75 ~150mm), the thickness of the box bottom plate, the sum of the thickness of nuts and washers, plus 5mm.

During the installation process, relevant standards and specifications must be strictly followed to ensure the safe and stable operation of the box.


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