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How to install an outdoor electrical junction box

Release time:2023-11-27 09:40:46

Outdoor electrical junction box is a kind of electrical equipment specially used in outdoor environment. It has the functions of waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion. It can protect the wire connection from the external environment and ensure the normal operation of outdoor electrical equipment.

Here are the steps for installing an outdoor junction box:

1. First, clearly identify the model, manufacturer name or trademark of the junction box. Choosing a brand with reliable quality is the key.

2. Make sure the inner wall of the junction box is clean and beautiful.

3. Make holes in the wall according to the required location and direction, and then embed the junction box into the wall.

4. Use mortar to smooth and level the junction box to ensure it is flush with the wall.

5. Insert the cable into the bottom shell and peel off about 8 to 10 cm of the cable.

6. Thread the cables to be connected at both ends into the locking nut of the waterproof connector.

7. Arrange the wire sequence and tighten them on the terminal blocks one by one with a small cross screwdriver.

8. Make sure that the network cable is in even contact with the terminals when connecting, there is no obvious gap, the connection is tight, and there is no looseness.

9. Finally, check that all connections are secure and not loose or damaged, and then close the upper cover of the junction box.

During the installation process, be sure to follow relevant standards and requirements to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the junction box.


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