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Hinged ABS PC Outdoor Waterproof Electric Box

● Series:DS-AGS
● Material:ABS
● IP Rating:IP66
● NEMA Rating:4X
● Color:Light Grey
● Application:Outdoor


● It is made from high strength ABS/PC material, weights about 1/4of the metal box, easy handling and operating, corrosion resistance, good insulation.
● The product has passedstrict waterproof and dustproof test, it reach IP66.
● It can be used in airport, subway station, and it can be pushbutton box, terminal box, signal box, relays box,sensor
box and communication junction box and so on.


WxHxD(mm)Solid coverClear coverSolid coverClear cover
80 x 110 x 70DS-AGS-0811DS-ATS-0811DS-PGS-0811DS-PTS-0811
80 x 110 x 85DS-AGS-0811-1DS-ATS-0811-1DS-PGS-0811-1DS-PTS-0811-1
80 x 130 x 70DS-AGS-0813DS-ATS-0813DS-PGS-0813DS-PTS-0813
80 x 130 x 85DS-AGS-0813-1DS-ATS-0813-1DS-PGS-0813-1DS-PTS-0813-1
80 x 180 x 65DS-AGS-0818DS-ATS-0818DS-PGS-0818DS-PTS-0818
80 x 250 x 65DS-AGS-0825DS-ATS-0825DS-PGS-0825DS-PTS-0825
80 x 250 x 85DS-AGS-0825-1DS-ATS-0825-1DS-PGS-0825-1DS-PTS-0825-1
100 x 100 x75DS-AGS-1010DS-ATS-1010DS-PGS-1010DS-PTS-1010
125 x 125 x75DS-AGS-1212-SDS-ATS-1212-SDS-PGS-1212-SDS-PTS-1212-S
125 x 125 x 100DS-AGS-1212DS-ATS-1212DS-PGS-1212DS-PTS-1212
125 x 175 x75DS-AGS-1217DS-ATS-1217DS-PGS-1217DS-PTS-1217
125 x 175 x 100DS-AGS-1217-1DS-ATS-1217-1DS-PGS-1217-1DS-PTS-1217-1
140 x 170 x95DS-AGS-1417DS-ATS-1417DS-PGS-1417DS-PTS-1417
175 x 175 x 110DS-AGS-1717-1DS-ATS-1717-1DS-PGS-1717-1DS-PTS-1717-1
150 x200 x 100DS-AGS-1520DS-ATS-1520DS-PGS-1520DS-PTS-1520
150 x200 x 130DS-AGS-1520-1DS-ATS-1520-1DS-PGS-1520-1DS-PTS-1520-1
150 x250 x 100DS-AGS-1525DS-ATS-1525DS-PGS-1525DS-PTS-1525
150 x250 x 130DS-AGS-1525-1DS-ATS-1525-1DS-PGS-1525-1DS-PTS-1525-1
175 x250 x75DS-AGS-1725DS-ATS-1725DS-PGS-1725DS-PTS-1725
175 x250 x 100DS-AGS-1725-1DS-ATS-1725-1DS-PGS-1725-1DS-PTS-1725-1
200 x200 x95DS-AG S-2020-SDS-ATS-2020-SDS-PGS-2020-SDS-PTS-2020-S
200 x200 x 130DS-AGS-2020DS-ATS-2020DS-PGS-2020DS-PTS-2020
280 x 190 x 130DS-AGS-2819DS-ATS-2819DS-PGS-2819DS-PTS-2819
Our products boast customizable materials and dimensions, ensuring a tailored experience. With a range of materials to choose from and the ability to adjust sizes to your liking, our offerings are designed to meet your unique needs and preferences.
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