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What is Saipwell IP67 Waterproof Connection Box

Release time:2023-08-10 17:50:34

Transparent cover IP67 waterproof junction box electrical box has the following characteristics: waterproof, dustproof, acid resistant, alkali resistant, impact resistant, explosion proof, UV resistant, non-conductive and other excellent characteristics, widely used in outdoor docks, ports, field distribution Engineering, communications, mechanical equipment, chemicals, oil and other harsh environments. The electrical enclosure is IP66/67 and is available in ABS engineering and polycarbonate. The sealed box is available in standard colours RAL 7035 and is available in ABS engineering plastics and polycarbonate (PC). The ENSTO sealed box is water and dust resistant from IP65 to IP66/67. The sealed box made by ABS can only be made of smooth surface without pre-punching. It is suitable for indoor use. It has good resistance to some chemicals, for example, in the case of strong detergent in dairy factories; polycarbonate has been added. Glass fiber reinforced, increased the strength of the sealed box wall, suitable for harsh conditions and outdoor applications, temperature range from -50 ° C to +120 ° C, with strong UV radiation resistance; sealed box cover is gray or transparent. The transparent cover is made of polycarbonate.


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