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How to drill holes in a plastic electrical box

Release time:2024-01-24 09:31:07

To drill holes in a plastic electrical box, you can choose the right tool based on the size and number of holes you need. Here are some commonly used methods:

1. Hand drill: This is a commonly used drilling tool, especially suitable for drilling small round holes. You need to clamp the drill bit of the corresponding hole diameter and press where you need to drill.

2. Jigsaw: For larger round or square holes, you can use a jigsaw. If the hole is larger, it is recommended to first use an electric drill to drill a positioning hole in the center of the hole to be drilled, and then use a jigsaw to drill the hole.

3. Iron wire or iron bars: This is a relatively primitive method, but it is also very effective. Once the wire or rod is red hot, punch holes in the PVC electrical box. If you need a large hole, use a large thick iron bar; if you need a small hole, use a thin iron bar.

4. Awl and lighter: This is a simple method, especially suitable for making small holes. First prepare an awl and a lighter, then heat the awl until red hot, and then directly drill holes in the electrical junction box. To get neater holes, it is recommended to punch the holes from the reverse side of the plastic.

No matter which method is used, be sure to take appropriate safety measures during the operation, such as wearing protective glasses and gloves, to avoid burns and flying debris. If you are unsure how to proceed, it is recommended to seek professional help.


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