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How to correctly replace the electrical box?

Release time:2023-11-14 14:42:02

The steps to correctly replace the plastic electrical box are as follows:

1. Disconnect the circuit breaker of the outside electrical box 

2. Replace damaged electrical components and distribution lines in the metal electrical cabinet

3. Clean the large electrical cabinet to ensure that it is clean, intact, and has no exposed wires, dust, or carbon deposits.

4. Follow the corresponding operating steps to disconnect the power supply above the box.

5. Remove the connecting bolts and connecting wires on the box.

6. Connect the newly replaced electrical components and distribution lines according to the original phase sequence.

7. Tighten the connecting bolts of the industrial electrical cabinet and turn on the power supply

Please note that the above steps are for reference only. Replacing the electrical cabinet enclosures involves electrical safety. It is recommended to find a professional to perform the operation and pay attention to safety precautions.


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