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Saipwell Collaborating with Mongolian Client HTL LCC to Boost Mongolian Hydropower Control Development

Release time:2023-09-18 17:55:00

Subject: Successful Visit of Mongolian Customer HTL LCC to SAIPWELL Electric Limited, Signing Million-Dollar PLC Control Cabinet Contract for Mongolian Hydropower Control

Location: Wenzhou City, Saipwell Electric Company Limited

On August 25th, 2023, Saipwell Electric Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Saipwell Electric) is delighted to announce that the esteemed customer HTL LCC from Mongolia has successfully visited our company and signed a multi-million-dollar contract for PLC control cabinets. This marks a significant step forward in our international cooperation in the field of automation and provides robust support for the development of hydropower control in Mongolia.

The visit by the HTL LCC delegation signifies the deepening partnership between businesses in our two countries. The delegation collaborated closely with engineers and technical experts from Saipwell Electric, engaging in in-depth discussions and negotiations regarding technical specifications, project requirements, sustainability demands, and more. Through mutual efforts, an important cooperation agreement was reached, covering the supply of PLC control cabinets that will play a central role in Mongolia’s hydropower control systems.

The signing of this contract underscores the recognition of Saipwell Electric’s excellence in technology and solutions in the international market. We are committed to delivering high-performance and highly reliable PLC control cabinets that will assist HTL LCC in achieving its goals for the hydropower control project, enhancing energy production efficiency, and advancing clean energy development.

The CEO of Saipwell Electric stated during the signing ceremony, “We are thrilled to sign this significant cooperation agreement with HTL LCC from Mongolia. This collaboration not only represents a major breakthrough in our presence in the Mongolian market but also embodies our commitment to providing reliable solutions worldwide. We look forward to contributing to the sustainable development of hydropower in Mongolia.”

The leader of the HTL LCC delegation expressed confidence in the cooperation with Saipwell Electric, saying, “We have great confidence in our partnership with Saipwell Electric. Their expertise in PLC control cabinets and outstanding technological capabilities will provide strong support for our hydropower control project. This collaboration will strengthen our hydropower production capacity, improving the reliability and efficiency of power supply.”

The successful visit of the Mongolian HTL LCC customer and the signing of the million-dollar PLC control cabinet contract not only reinforce the friendly relations between our two businesses but also serve as a successful example for the sustainable development of hydropower in Mongolia. Saipwell Electric will continue to actively promote technological exchange in international markets, making positive contributions to economic cooperation and technological innovation between China and Mongolia.

The realization of this cooperation will not only solidify Saipwell Electric’s leading position in international markets but also make concerted efforts to deepen friendly cooperation between China and Mongolia. We look forward to future collaborations and believe that this signed contract will bring mutual success and prosperity.


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