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waterproof plastic box

Professional Electrical
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Provide customized solutions for high-quality production

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aluminium box enclosure

Professional Electrical
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Provide customized solutions for high-quality production

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Saipwell Professional high-quality waterproof box manufacturer

We produce waterproof boxes made of plastic, stainless steel, metal plates, and aluminum NEMA shells, and provide customized and breakthrough solutions for various scenarios. Waterproof products such as IP63, IP64, IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP68 ensure reliable and stable performance in various application scenarios. We have certifications from well-known organizations such as UL, SAA, CB, CE, TUV, UKCA, ISO, and ROHS.
  • 30+ Years of experience
  • 100+Countries distribution
  • 100+ Patents and Counting
  • 12Automated production equipment
  • 20% Of the cost is used for annual R&D
  • 2K+ Design engineers

Product Category

Saipwell provides a diverse selection of electronic boxes and versatile enclosures crafted from superior materials such as high-quality plastics, aluminum, and steel. These enclosures come in indoor and outdoor options, ensuring protection for various electronic components.
The range includes control cabinets, complete equipment sets, terminal protection shells, new energy distribution boxes, cabinet temperature control systems, industrial plugs and sockets, as well as thermostats. These solutions effectively safeguard your components in diverse environments.
They find widespread application in power transmission and distribution, industrial automation, construction, and energy sectors.

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О Сайпвелле

Saipwell – affiliated to Saip Electric Group.
We have introduced foreign senior management and experienced professionals to create and develop new and more applicable products with good performance and price based on traditional products with strict management, innovative R&D team and advanced marketing concept. Saipwell products have obtained IS09001, UL, TUV, CE, ROHS, IP67, IK10 and other certifications. The products have been certified by the authorities and industries, and are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, the United States and other regions.

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Saipwell we are dedicated to forging exceptional partnerships with our clients. Our unwavering commitment to unsurpassed product quality sets us apart, while our comprehensive range of value-added services ensures a well-rounded experience. Trust in our unwavering dedication to reliability as we deliver excellence every step of the way.

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  • We are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality waterproof box products that meet impeccable quality standards. Through rigorous quality control and continuous technological innovation, we ensure that each waterproof box meets the highest standards. We use premium materials and advanced craftsmanship to ensure excellent waterproof performance and long-term stability. Whether installed outdoors in harsh environments or indoors, our waterproof boxes demonstrate outstanding durability and reliability, providing users with lasting protection and peace of mind.

  • Our company relies on professional operations and technical support to ensure that custom waterproof boxes and metal waterproof boxes meet the expected quality and performance standards. We use injection molding machines to produce plastic waterproof boxes, enabling customized product design and manufacturing. Punching machines are utilized for the production of metal waterproof boxes, creating structures that meet the required specifications. Laser cutting machines are employed for precise cutting of metal materials, facilitating customized design and production of metal waterproof boxes. Finally, welding equipment ensures that metal box structures are sturdy and have excellent waterproof performance.

  • We offer personalized customization services, tailoring waterproof box products to meet customer needs. Whether it’s shape, size, color, or functionality, we can meet diverse customer requirements. Through close collaboration with customers, we can tailor waterproof box products to their specific needs, ensuring the perfect match for their application scenarios and design requirements. Our customization services aim to provide customers with the most satisfactory solutions, enabling them to obtain waterproof box products that truly meet their expectations and achieve the perfect integration of product and application.

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