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What are the customization requirements for waterproof enclosure boxes?

Release time:2024-06-20 11:30:34

With the continuous development of science and technology, various electronic products are increasingly integrated into our lives. In order to protect these sophisticated devices, waterproof housing boxes came into being. Waterproof enclosure boxes can effectively prevent moisture, dust, etc. from damaging electronic products and extend the service life of the products. So, what requirements need to be met to customize a box? How long is the production cycle? This article will analyze it in detail for you.

Customization requirements for boxes

1. Waterproof level: The waterproof level of enclosure boxes varies according to different usage environments and needs. Common waterproof levels include IP67, IP68, etc. The specific level should be selected according to actual needs.

2. Material: The material of the box directly affects the waterproof performance and service life of the product. Common materials include plastic, metal, silicone, etc. Customers can choose the appropriate material according to their needs.

3. Size: The size of the box should match the size of the electronic product to be protected to ensure the stability of the product during installation and use.

4.Appearance design: The appearance design of the waterproof enclosure should be simple and elegant, in line with the product positioning and brand image. At the same time, the appearance design should also take into account ease of use and ergonomic principles to improve user experience.

5. Sealing performance: The sealing performance of the box is the key to ensuring the waterproof performance of the product. When customizing, ensure that the sealing performance between the shell and the internal structure is good and there is no leakage.

6. Aging resistance: The box should have good aging resistance to ensure that the waterproof performance of the product will not decrease due to material aging during long-term use.

Waterproof shell box production cycle

The production cycle of the waterproof box is affected by many factors, such as customized quantity, material, process, etc. Generally speaking, the production cycle can be divided into the following stages:

1. Design stage: According to customer needs, design a box solution that meets the requirements. The time of this stage mainly depends on the experience of the designer and the complexity of customer needs, and generally takes 1-3 days.

2. Proofing stage: According to the design plan, samples are made for testing. The time of this stage mainly depends on the production process and material selection, and generally takes 3-7 days.

3. Confirmation of sample stage: After the customer receives the sample, test and confirm it. If the sample meets the requirements, it can directly enter the production stage; if it does not meet the requirements, the design needs to be revised, and then proofing and confirmation are carried out again. The time of this stage mainly depends on the feedback speed of the customer, and it usually takes 1-3 days.

4. Production stage: After confirming the sample, mass production begins. The time of this stage mainly depends on the production quantity and process complexity, and it usually takes 5-15 days.


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