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Advantages and Functions of Saipwell Waterproof Box

Release time:2023-08-10 17:43:13

1. The engineering plastic shell is made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin and pressed by moulds. It has a beautiful appearance. It has the advantages of anti-aging, non-deformation, anti-impact, anti-static, anti-corrosion and so on. The color of the product is green.

2. Stainless steel shell is processed by die blanking and forming technology. The surface is polished with mirror surface, which is beautiful and generous.

3. The surface of steel plate shell is pickled, passivated and treated by high voltage electrostatic spraying, and the grade of anti-corrosion is F1.

4. Resistance to strong acid, alkali, salt, sea water, ammonia, chloride ion corrosion, anti-corrosion grade F2.

5. It is a labyrinth waterproofing structure with good waterproofing and dust-proofing performance. The protection level is IP65.

6. All the exposed fasteners are stainless steel and the seals are silicone rubber. They are oil-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and high temperature-resistant.

7. Applicable to AC 50Hz, voltage 380V and below, DC to 440 and current less than 100A circuit, as lighting control, power transmission, power control and other functions in the work site.

8. Installed with C65 high-breaking miniature circuit breaker.

9. It has the functions of leakage protection, photoelectric control and so on.

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